2018/12/10_Marta Cousido Rocha, University of Vigo (Thesis defense)

December 10th 2018

Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales | Salón de Grados

New contributions to the statistical analysis of high-dimensional data under dependence

2018/12/10 – 16:30h | Marta Cousido Rocha, University of Vigo


Nowadays the problem of dealing with high-dimensional data arises in many different areas of science, such as genetics, medicine, pharmacy and social science. The main property of highdimensional data is that the data dimension p, i.e., the number of variables or features (e.g. genes), is large while the sample size is relatively small. The high data dimension has forced statisticians to renovate or rewrite existing methods, or even to propose new ones, since classical methods may be inappropriate in such a setting. In this dissertation new statistical procedures to solve classical ksample problems in the context of high-dimensional data have been developed and investigated. To distinguish our situation from the classical one, we use the notation p for the number of variables instead of k. Read more


Congratulations Marta!