SiDOR (Statistical Inference, Decision and Operations Research) group

SiDOR (Statistical Inference, Decision and Operations Research) group was created in 1998 by a group of young mathematicians of the University of Vigo, especialized in statistical models and methods and operations research. Presently, more than 30 people belong to SiDOR, including permanent researchers, posdocs, Ph.D. students, and technical staff. SiDOR members participate as teachers in the Interuniversity Masters in Statistical Techniques and the Interuniversity Doctoral Program in Statistics and Operations Research, where they have directed many doctoral theses.

SiDOR main lines of research are, on the one hand, nonparametric and semiparametric statistical inference in complex problems (like high-dimensional data, censored data) and, on the other, game theory, decision theory and operations research, in general. Researchers in the group lead and participate in research projects and networks funded by competitive programs of the autonomic Government of Galicia, the Spanish Ministry of Economy (for more than a decade) and the European Commission. These projects include both basic research and applications to emerging problems from different fields, such as economics, engineering, or biomedical sciences. In fact, many members of SiDOR group participe actively in the newly created Center for Biomedical Research (CINBIO) at the University of Vigo and the Technological Institute for Industrial Mathematics (ITMATI). Also, SiDOR is currently a member of the Spanish Network Mathematics-Industry.

SiDOR is being honored as competitive group of reference by the Government of Galicia since 2008.

SiDOR group is part of the Agrofood Catalogue from January 2016, produced by Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) and Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN), with the aim of participating in the calls 2016-2017 of Social Challenge 2 (SC2) – Horizon 2020.