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Javier Roca Pardiñas

Javier Roca Pardiñas

Associate Professor

Statistics and Operations Research Area (265)

Department of Statistics and Operations Research (C05)

Research Lines:

  • Predictive modelling.
  • Spatial Heterogeneity Models.
  • Quantile regression models.
  • Computational statistics and software development.
  • Applications to different areas of knowledge: Medicine, Neuroscience, Biology, Environmental Sciences, Engineering.

Contact Information

Office xxx
University Campus
PO 36310 Vigo


+34 986 813 948

Website at UVIGO


Dr. Javier Roca Pardiñas is Associated Professor of the Department of Statistics and Operational Research of UVIGO. He is specialized in nonparametric nonpamaretric regression, and bootstrap inferences techniques with special emphasis on generalized additive models (GAM). Moreover, he is an expert in computational statistics, with important contributions to semiparametric prediction models. His research work generated more than forty publications in international journals of impact in different areas of knowledge such as statistics, computer science, environment, biomedicine, and engineering amongst others. He has also successfully performed as a member of four research projects funded by Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation devoted to the development of basic and applied mathematical knowledge. He has been principal investigator on several projects with numerous companies and institutions.