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Maria Estela Sánchez Rodríguez

Maria Estela Sánchez Rodríguez

Associate Professor

Statistics and Operations Research Area (265)

Department of Statistics and Operations Research (C05)

Research Lines:

  • Game theory.
  • Cooperative game solutions.
  • Decision problems and solutions.

Contact Information

Office 132
University Campus
PO 36310 Vigo


+34 986 812 493

Website at UVIGO


Estela Sánchez Rodríguez is a permanent full time professor of the Department of Statistics and Operations Research (University of Vigo, Spain). She teaches at the degree of Biology and Sea Sciences, in addition to the master of Statistics and Operations Research. The main line of her research is on game theory, where she has published different papers and books. The main achivements are contributions on cooperative game theory. During the last years she has worked in the study of the geometry inherent to set-valued concepts, trying to have a better understanding of the relations between different solutions concepts, both set valued solutions and allocation rules.