Facultade de Fisioterapia

Marta Sestelo Pérez

Marta Sestelo Pérez

External Collaborator Researcher

Gradiant Team

Research Lines:

  • Software development.
  • Nonparametric regression.
  • Variable selection.
  • Survival analysis.
  • Bootstrap methods.

Contact Information

University Campus
36200 Vigo



Website at UVIGO


At the beginning of 2018, I join at Gradiant team as researcher. Previously, I was a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Centre of Matemathics (CMAT) of the University of Minho (Portugal) for 3 years. I received my PhD in Statistics and Operation Research from the University of Vigo in 2013. I am mainly focused on the development of new methodologies and algorithms linked with nonparametric statistics. Particularly, I am interested in estimation and inference methods in flexible regression models and survival analysis, in developing practical tools for data analysis and in gaining better understanding of real life issues through statistical knowledge. I strongly believe that we need to make science more open, transparent and reproducible. Therefore, my research is closely related to computational statistics, particularly, with free software development. During this time, I have combined my research work with teaching activities at the University of Vigo and at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.