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  • Jiménez Otero, N., de Uña-Álvarez, J. & Pardo Fernández, J. C. (2019). Goodness-of-fit tests for disorder detection in NGS experiments. Biometrical Journal, 61(2 - Specia), 424-441. [More]
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  • Monjardino, T., Henriques, A., Moreira, C., Rodrigues, T., Adubeiro, N., Nogueira, L. et al. (2019). Gestational Weight Gain and Offspring Bone Mass: Different Associations in Healthy Weight Versus Overweight Women. Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, Online. [More]
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  • Cid-Silva, P., Margusino-Framiñán, L., Balboa Barreiro, V., Pernas-Souto, B., Mena-de-Cea, Á., Martin-Herranz, I. et al. (2019). Late HIV Diagnosis but Earlier Antiretroviral Treatment Initiation in Northwest Spain: Impact of Current Treatment Guidelines. Journal of the International Association of Providers of AIDS Care, 18(9). [More]
  • Rodríguez-Veiga, D., González-Martín, C., Pértega-Díaz, S., Seoane-Pillado, T., Barreiro-Quintás, M. & Balboa Barreiro, V. (2019). Prevalence of knee osteoarthritis in a random population sample in people aged 40 and over. Gaceta Médica de México, 155(1), 39-45. [More]
  • Rodríguez-Manso, M., Canosa-Hermida, E., Martín-Mourelle, R., Otero-Villaverde, S., Mora-Boga, R. & Balboa Barreiro, V. (2019). Complex decongestive therapy in the early stages of breast cancer-related lymphoedema. Fisioterapia, 41(1), 21-27. [More]
  • van den Berg, N., Rodríguez Girondo, M., van Dijk, I. K., Mourits, R. J., Mandemakers, K., Janssens, A. A. et al. (2019). Longevity defined as top 10% survivors and beyond is transmitted as a quantitative genetic trait. Nature communications, 10(35). [More]
  • Columbo, J. A., Martínez Camblor, P., MacKenzie, T. A., Kang, R., Trooboff, S. W., Goodney, P. P. et al. (2019). A comparative analysis of long-term mortality after carotid endarterectomy and carotid stenting. Journal of Vascular Surgery, 69(1), 104-109. [More]
  • Cousido Rocha, M., de Uña-Álvarez, J. & Hart, J. D. (2019). Testing equality of a large number of densities under mixing conditions. Test, Online. [More]
  • Ordóñez, C., Sánchez-Lasheras, F., Roca Pardiñas, J. & de Cos Juez, F. J. (2019). A hybrid ARIMA–SVM model for the study of the remaining useful life of aircraft engines. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 346, 184-191. [More]
  • Roos, V. H., Mangas-Sanjuan, C., Rodríguez Girondo, M., Medina-Prado, L. & Al.,. (2019). Effects of Family History on Relative and Absolute Risks for Colorectal Cancer: a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Clinical gastroenterology and hepatology : the official clinical practice journal of the American Gastroenterological Association, In press. [More]
  • Suerink, M., Rodríguez Girondo, M., van der Klift, H. M., Colas, C. & Al.,. (2019). An alternative approach to establishing unbiased colorectal cancer risk estimation in Lynch syndrome. Genetics in Medicine, In press. [More]
  • Frieitas, A. I., Moreira, C. & Santos, A. C. (2019). Time trends in prevalence and incidence rates of childhood overweight and obesity in Portugal: Generation XXI birth cohort. International Journal of Obesityvolume, 43, 424–427. [More]
  • Columbo, J. A., Ramkumar, N., Martínez Camblor, P., Kang, R., Suckow, B. D., O´Malley, A. J. et al. (2019). Five-year reintervention after endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm repair in the Vascular Quality Initiative. Journal of Vascular Surgery, In press. [More]
  • Zou, Y. & Liang, H.-Y. (2019). CLT for integrated square error of density estimators with censoring indicators missing at random. Statistical Papers, In press. [More]
  • Liang, H.-Y., Zhou, H. & Guo, Q. (2019). Asymptotic normality of conditional density estimation under truncated, censored and dependent data. Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods, In press. [More]
  • Estévez-Fernández, A., Borm, P. & Fiestras Janeiro, M. G. (2019). Nontransferable utility bankruptcy games. Top, In press. [More]
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