Facultade de Fisioterapia

Optimization and Distribution Issues in Multi- Agent Decision with Applications in inventory management

Research Area

Basic Research

Start Date


End date

2017-12-31 (2018-12-31 extension)



Project leaders

Fiestras Janeiro, María Gloria


Fiestras Janeiro, María Gloria; Mosquera Rodríguez, Manuel Alfredo; Sánchez Rodríguez, Maria Estela; Quinteiro Sandomingo, Mª del Carmen


In this project we study several optimization and cost allocation problems arising in decision situations in which several agents interact. In our study we use models and techniques taken from cooperative game theory and mathematical programming. The project is structured around eight tasks, three of which belong to the field of cooperative game theory (1-3). The other five treat problems with components taken from optimization theory and cooperative game theory (4-8). They are: 1. Axiomatic characterizations and computation of solutions in cooperative games with exogenous constraints. 2. Study of power indices with exogenous constraints. 3. Study of some geometrical aspect of cooperative games. 4. Linear production games with externalities. 5. Optimization and allocation in minimum cost arborescence problems. 6. Optimization and allocation in multi-agent routing problems. 7. Optimization and allocation in multi-agent fire fighting problems. 8. Optimization and allocation in multi-agent inventory management.