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Optimization and cooperation with applications in Economics

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Basic Research

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Fiestras Janeiro, María Gloria


Fiestras Janeiro, María Gloria; Quinteiro Sandomingo, Mª del Carmen; Sánchez Rodríguez, María Estela; Mosquera Rodríguez, Manuel Alfredo


In this subproject we study various problems of game theory and optimization. The project is structured around two lines of research: 1. Solutions in game theory. 2. Applications of cooperative games in multi-agent operational research models. These lines entail six tasks that address basic problems of game theory. They are the following: 1.1. Solutions in cooperative games with transferable utility. 1.2. Solutions in cooperative games in partition function form. 1.3. Power indices. 1.4. Delegation and non-cooperative games. 2.1. Cooperation in sequencing problems. 2.2. Coalitional games with strategies and inventory management. Our research team consists of four doctors and one research trainee.