Facultade de Fisioterapia

2018/06/08_XIII Forum Mathematics Industry

DATES: 8 JUNE 2018

The forum will take place at Aula Magna at the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC)

About the forum

It will be arranged by groups of applied mathematics, statistics and operations research from the three Galician universities that are consolidating their efforts to transfer technology to industry and the productive sector, via the Technological Institute for Industrial Mathematics, ITMATI.

In this XIII Forum, the invited companies will present problems in their field to be addressed using mathematical and numerical methods, statistics and operations research: modelling, process and device simulation, computer-aided engineering (CAE), etc. Among other, there will be problems related to fluid mechanics, structural analysis, heat transfer, acoustics, electromagnetism, quantitative finance, support decision making, statistical advice and analysis, quality control, risk analysis, process optimization, inventory control, etc.

The web page of the event is "http://www.itmati.com/en/xiii-forum-mathematics-industry-0".