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David Lozano Núñez

David Lozano Núñez

External Collaborator Researcher

Optare Solutions S.L.

Department of I+D

Research Lines:

  • Churn predictive models for telecom operators.
  • Lifetime value customer analysis by a recurrence relation.
  • Customers profiling.

Contact Information

Optare Solutions, S.L.
Parque Tecnológico y Logístico de Vigo. Calle C. Nave C7 36315
Vigo – España
PO 36315 Vigo


+34 665 395 119
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I hold a Degree in Statistics for the UC3M University and a Master in Statistical Techniques for the University of Vigo. I work as a Data Analyst R & D in the Department of the technical consulting Optare Solutions and I am part of the SIDOR Research Group as an External Collaborator Researcher. I am part of a Innovation Project (BDA4T) which will develop a prototype of an integrated Big Data Analytics platform for the telecommunications industry That will allow the use of the internal data of the operators to Increase Their customer satisfaction and revenues. I worked as a Technical Consultant and as a Data Consultant in Orange and Accenture doing a a work environment porject for Abengoa and BBVA.

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