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  • Fernández Martín, J., Martínez Camblor, P., Dionisi, M., Floege, J., Ketteler, M., London, G. et al. (2015). Improvement of mineral and bone metabolism markers in associated with better survival in hemodialysis patients: the COSMOS study. Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, 30, 1542-1551. [More]
  • Rodríguez Álvarez, M. X., Lee, D.-J., Kneib, T., Durban, M. & Eilers, P. (2015). Fast smoothing parameter separation in multidimensional P-splines: The SAP algorithm. Statistics and Computing, 25(5), 941-957. [More]
  • Bernal, T., Martínez Camblor, P., Sánchez-García, J., de Paz, R., Luño, E., Nomdedeu, B. et al. (2015). Effectiveness of azacitidine in unselected high-risk myelodysplastic syndromes: Results from the Spanish Registry. Leukemia, 29, 1875-1881. [More]
  • Jiménez Gamero, M. D. & Kim, H. (2015). Fast goodness-of-t tests based on the characteristic function. Comput. Statist. Data Anal., 89, 172-191. [More]
  • Guadamuro, L., Delgado, S., Redruello, B., Flórez, A., Suárez, A., Martínez Camblor, P. et al. (2015). Equol status and changes in faecal microbiota in 1 menopausal women receiving long-term treatment for menopause symptoms with a soy-isoflavone concentrate. Frontiers in Microbiology, 6, 777. [More]
  • López Ratón, M., Rodríguez Girondo, M., Rodríguez Álvarez, M. X., Cadarso Suárez, C. & Gude, F. (2015). Application of generalized additive models to the evaluation of continuous markers for classifcation purposes. International Journal of Statistics in Medical Research, 4, 296-305. [More]
  • Martínez Camblor, P., Santos Juanes, J., Fernández Vega, I., Fuentes, N., Galache, C., Coto Segura, P. et al. (2015). Merkel cell carcinoma and Merkel cell polyomavirus: a systematic review and meta-analysis. British Journal of Dermatology, 173, 42-49. [More]
  • Lange, P., Celli, B., Agustí, A., BojeJensen, G., Divo, M., Faner, R. et al. (2015). Lung-function trajectories leading to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. New England Journal of  Medicine, 373, 111-122. [More]
  • de Gonzalo Calvo, D., Dávalos, A., Montero, A., García González, A., Tyshkovska, I., González Medina, A. et al. (2015). Circulating inflammatory miRNA signature in response to different doses of aerobic exercise. Journal of Applied Physiology, 119, 124-134. [More]
  • Guerra, A., Hernández Urcera, M., García, M., Sestelo, M., Regueira, M., González, A. et al. (2015). Spawning habitat selection by Octopus vulgaris: New insights for a more effective management of this resource. Fisheries Research, 167, 313-322. [More]
  • Barranco Chamorro, I., Jiménez Gamero, M. D., Mayor Gallego, J. & Moreno-Rebollo, J. (2015). A case-deletion diagnostic for penalized calibration estimators and BLUP under linear mixed models in survey sampling. Comput. Statist. Data Anal., 87, 18-33. [More]
  • Meira-Machado, L. P., de Uña-Álvarez, J. & Datta, S. (2015). Nonparametric estimation of conditional transition probabilities in a non-Markov illness-death model. Computational Statistics, 30(2), 377-397. [More]
  • de Uña-Álvarez, J. & Meira-Machado, L. P. (2015). Nonparametric estimation of transition probabilities in the non-Markov illness-death model: a comparative study. Biometrics, 71, 364-375. [More]
  • Soriano, J., Lamprecht, B., Ramírez, A., Martínez Camblor, P., Kaiser, B., Alfageme, I. et al. (2015). Mortality prediction in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease comparing the GOLD 2007 and 2011 staging systems: a pooled analysis of individual patient data. The Lancet Respiratory Medicine, 3, 443-450. [More]
  • Vallejo, C., Montesinos, P., Polo, M., Cuevas, B., Morado, M., Rosell, A. et al. (2015). Rabbit antithymocyte globulin versus horse antithymocyte globulin for treatment of acquired aplastic anemia: a retrospective analysis. Annals of Hematology, 94, 947-954. [More]
  • Martínez Camblor, P., de Uña-Álvarez, J. & Díaz-Corte, C. (2015). Expanded renal transplantation: A competing risk model approach. Journal of Applied Statistics, 42(12), 2539-2553. [More]
  • Serrano Pertierra, E., Blanco Gelaz, M., Oliva Nacarino, P., Martínez Camblor, P., Villafani, J., López Larrea, C. et al. (2015). Increased natural killer cell chemotaxis to CXCL12 in patients with multiple sclerosis. Journal of Neuroimmunology, 282, 39-44. [More]
  • Cernuda Morollón, E., Ramón, C., Martínez Camblor, P., Serrano Pertierra, E., Larrosa, D. & Pascual, J. (2015). OnabotulinumtoxinA decreases interictal CGRP plasma levels in chronic migraine patients. Pain, 156, 820-824. [More]
  • Almagro, P., Hernandez, C., Martínez Camblor, P., Treserras, R. & Escarrabill, J. (2015). Seasonality, ambient temperatures and hospitalizations for acute exacerbation of COPD: a metropolitan area population-based study. International Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, 10, 899-908. [More]
  • Jodrá, P., Jiménez Gamero, M. D. & Alba-Fernández, M. V. (2015). On the Muth Distribution. Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, 20(3), 291-310. [More]
  • Valdés, L., San-José, E., Ferreiro, L., Golpe, A., González-Barcala, F.-J., Toubes, M. E. et al. (2015). Predicting malignant and tuberculous pleural effusions through demographics and pleural fluid analysis of patients effusions. Clinical Respiratory Journal, 9(2), 203-213. [More]
  • Sánchez Rodríguez, M. E., Borm, P., Estévez-Fernández, A., Fiestras Janeiro, M. G. & Mosquera Rodríguez, M. A. (2015). k-core covers and the core. Mathematical Methods of Operations Research, 81(2), 147-167. [More]
  • Fiestras Janeiro, M. G., García-Jurado, I., Meca, A. & Mosquera Rodríguez, M. A. (2015). Cooperation on capacitated inventory situations with fixed holding costs. European Journal of Operational Research, 241(3), 719-726. [More]
  • Liang, H.-Y., de Uña-Álvarez, J. & Iglesias Pérez, M. D. (2015). A Central Limit Theorem in Nonparametric Regression with Truncated, Censored and Dependent Data. Scandinavian Journal of Statistics, 42, 256-269. [More]
  • Pardo Fernández, J. C., Jiménez Gamero, M. D. & El Ghouch, A. (2015). A nonparametric ANOVA-type test for regression curves based on characteristic functions. Scandinavian Journal of Statistics, 42(1), 197-213. [More]
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