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Influence of Intravenous Nitrate Treatment on Early Mortality Among Patients With Acute Heart Failure. NITRO-EAHFE Study

Martínez Camblor, Pablo; Herrero Puente, P.; Jacob Rodríguez, J.; Martín Sánchez, F.J.; Váquez Alvarez, J; Miró, O.; Lucas, F.J; Llorens, P.
Introduction and objectives There is little evidence on the prognostic influence of intravenous nitrates in patients with acute heart failure. Our purpose was to determine the influence of this treatment on early mortality and new visits. Methods Prospective, multicenter cohort study of patients with acute heart failure in an emergency room during 2 periods (May 2009 and November-December 2011). Patients with systolic blood pressure > 110 mmHg were included, grouped according to whether they received intravenous nitroglycerin or not. Endpoints were mortality at 3, 7, 14, and 30 days and new visits at 30 days. The propensity score was estimated by logistic regression to determine the prognostic influence of the treatment. Results We included 3178 of 4897 individuals. A total of 308 (9.7%) had died within 30 days and 465 (17%) attended new visits. The mean (standard deviation) age was 79.5 (10.0) years, and 796 (25%) patients received intravenous nitrates. After matching, there were 685 individuals in each group. The hazard ratio for 30-day mortality with nitrates was 1.21 (95% confidence interval, 0.87-1.70) and was 0.93 for new visits (95% confidence interval, 0.71-1.22). The results were similar for mortality at 3, 7, and 14 days (hazard ratio = 1.05 [95% confidence interval, 0.56-1.96], hazard ratio = 1.20 [95% confidence interval, 0.74-1.94], and hazard ratio = 1.23 [95% confidence interval, 0.82-1.84], respectively). In the presence of hypertensive pulmonary edema, the nitrates group showed a hazard ratio of 0.88 (95% confidence interval, 0.47-1.63) for 30-day mortality. Conclusions Intravenous nitrates do not influence early mortality or new visits in patients with acute heart failure.
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Insuficiencia cardiaca aguda; Nitratos intravenosos; Servicios de urgencias hospitalarios; Mortalidad; Propensity score
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