The Spanish Network for Mathematics & Industry (math-in) was created as a private non-profit organization on 30th September 2011 with the signing of the articles of association in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

The network is currently made up of almost forty research groups belonging to about twenty Spanish universities and research centers.
Math-in is focused on transferring mathematical technology to business and industrial sectors, thus stimulating an increase in competitiveness in the research groups involved and industry itself.

SiDOR group is member of the Math-in network since 2012.



The Biomedical Research Centre (CINBIO – Centro de Investigaciones Biomédicas) is a multidisciplinary centre that covers some of the main research areas in Biomedicine.

It emerged to create a common infrastructure for biomedical experts from the University of Vigo working on basic, applied and clinical research. Among the professionals involved there are medical doctors, chemists, biologists, biostatisticians and engineers. The Centre facilitates the exchange of knowledge, resources and technology among the different groups but also with other health centres, universities, regional and local governments and the related industry.

SiDOR group supports the Biostatistics and Epidemiology unit in CINBIO, Office 6964 – Module 6. Phone: (+0034) 986 130 149.